Ender 3 bmg direct drive thingiverse

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Ender 3 bmg direct drive thingiverse

Shipping calculated at checkout. MDD is the most capable direct drive conversion for your 3D printer.

ender 3 bmg direct drive thingiverse

Instantly improve print qualitysimplify retractions and filament changes, and easily print any material with the MDD v1. Our products are proudly engineered and manufactured in our facilities in the USA, and come with an unconditional service and quality guarantee, as well as basic phone and chat support.

Why Did I Get A New 3D Printer? Ender 3 Pro - Voltlog #312

It's now more widely compatible, with more hot and and extruder combinations than ever. Ender-5 versions do not require a belt adapter for linear rail mounting, but do require an additional bracket due to the top-mounted orientation of the rail on these machines.

See our downloads section for updated, v1. Please note that this table and all associated links are under construction. Base weight: This table is for educational purposes only, and is a work in progress. Base weights are measured sans motor and cooling fans in some cases, as these may vary by application and manufacturer.

Bowden style extrusion systems like those found on Creality printers rely on long PTFE tubes to feed filament to the hot end, and as such are more prone to extrusion issues.

While Bowden setups generally allow for lighter print head weights, mounting the extruder separately from the hot end comes at the expense of less precise extrusion control, greater retraction distances, and more cumbersome filament changes.

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By contrast, direct drive extruders eliminate most common extrusion problems by mounting the extruder and hot end very closely together, removing the bowden tube and drastically shortening the filament path.

While this approach can significantly improve extrusion and retraction, and allow for easier printing of difficult materials like flexible filaments, it also increases the weight of the effector head.

Upgrade the Ender 3 to Direct Drive and Dual Blower Fans (for Cheap)

Even when mounting a full-sized stepper motor and the stock Creality components, the MDD v1. Because the MDD is completely modular, it enables some of the lightest direct drive combinations in the world, with some combinations weighing less than g!

Because of this, the MDD is light enough to print fast in almost any configuration, while solving many of the extrusion problems inherent to bowden-type systems. And because it entirely replaces the hot end carriage, it provides a vastly more rigid mounting platform for the extruder and hot end compared with printed direct drive mounts, which are more prone to vibration and ringing when printing at higher speeds.

A: No, a dual lead screw setup is not needed for the MDD, even when using a full-sized Creality stepper motor. This is even more true for linear rail-based systems. A: Almost any combination is supported we provide support for the Creality hot end and extruder combination. A: Slicer settings can vary based on machine, filament, etc. However, you should expect to significantly reduce your slicer retraction settings we recommend starting around 1.

You will also need to disable ooze control methods like coasting, wipe, etc. A: We manufacture and produce our kits in the USA. Have a different question? Ask us here. Installation takes just minutes. Injection-molded fittings. No 3D printed parts. Enables faster prints with fewer and shorter retractions.BLV Ender 3 Pro.

The project's goal is to take your beloved Ender 3 Pro printer to the next level. Fast, reliable, accurate The linear bearing and Delrin Wheel Gantry commonly used at most of the low-mid 3d printers as a cheaper solution for linear motion. There seems to be a good reason why they are mostly used with high-end 3D printers.

I found cheap Chinese mgn rails at Aliexpress and thought to myself why not? So If you are already tired of the frequently worn POM wheels or the constant need to strengthen the wheels - you came to the right place. Rigid parts This time I chose a different path. Accessible CNC machined parts are expensive, right? In trying to make it cheaper, I decided to give all my work for free for commercial use under one condition - my permission. Now, I bet you are asking yourself something Open Source where is the catch?

I really appreciate the 3D community and love this hobby. So it's kinda my way to give back. Yes, it's not easy. I don't mind sharing my work. I hope it could give you an idea of what I believe my friends :.

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Read, understand and prepare yourself Start with reading the Thing description, watch the 3d animations video and make sure you understand the printer structure. Get the needed parts prepare all the needed parts, spares of T-nuts, screws and all the tools you need. It is crucial to have a precise structure for excellent printing results. Take your time when fixing the rails to the extrusions. I found a good quick video tutorial made by 3D distributed: youtube.

Software, Tests, and Calibrations This is the scary stuff - when you must know what you are doing - or just watch the thousand youtube videos explaining how to calibrate your Ender 3 Pro.

My advice is to replace the Original FW with a fresh version of marlin following one of the Youtube masters. Please, don't forget to do the following steps:. Feedrate calibration. Hotend PID. Bed PID. Keep the rails clean and the belts tight.

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Also, Clean your PEI build plate with alcohol after every print and scratch them a bit with brass wool if they are new. Post an "I made one" pictures Show the world your new 3D printer and be proud of your creation: I would appreciate it if you could please upload your newly built 3D printers pics.

Knowing that it helped you create your own 3D printer - for me, it's worth all the hard work and many hours that I spent in this project. Make it better by sharing your remixed and share with this awesome community:. Make it? If you would like to use it for Commercial use - please read the "Legal Licence" section. Technical ability. Spare Time. Filament sensor. Simple switch Filament sensor.

If you already got the Blurolls kit with rails included - please skip the parts of the rails. Set of cheaper rails for Tech Outreach. Please enter the code below. The original is a great model and will be perfect for most people. I wanted something i didn't have to take completely apart to unclog my v6 clogs are my fault not the models, I use alot of cheap filament. I used the. I redid a hole in the front to go all the way through to screw in the carriage for more sturdy strength.

I will be redoing some more on this to move the stepper to the front and to better arrange the wiring. I used a pancake stepper with this and it wont fit the stock stepper without turning the top around. Log in to MyMiniFactory. Login with Google Login with Facebook. Community Prints Add your picture Be the first to share a picture of this printed object. Is it a print picture of the object? Loading comments Tech Outreach techoutreach 2 objects 1 Follower Send Message to techoutreach.

See your Inbox. I wanted something i didn't have to take completely apart to unclog my v6 clogs are my fault not the models, I use alot of cheap filament I used the.

I attached the BLtouch mount to the back so it wouldn't have to come off to fix anything I redid a hole in the front to go all the way through to screw in the carriage for more sturdy strength.

Show more Show less. Technical Information. Object Parts. Prusa Mk3 Fan Shroud. Stepper Spacer And Cable Holder. Remixes Add your Remix. Show more. Interesting objects for you.Recently I've been trying to get the best quality possible out of it, and so decided to switch to a direct drive. You can read more about it here. I wanted to spend the least amount possible - hence, buying a direct extruder such as the titan or a bmg was out of the question.

Ender 3/CR-10 BMG Direct Drive

I decided to use the original extruder. Some might argue that it adds too much weight, but I think the glass bed will be more impactful on maximum printing speed. Also, the results I've read from other people doing it have all been great. In parallel, I also wanted to upgrade my cooling system.

I already had a petsfang, which is incompatible with the direct dive mod I chose, and being obsessed with silence I figured two blowers instead of one would enable better performance with less noise.

Make sure to print all required parts before starting the build, as otherwise you will be unable to print. If you search on thingiverse there are many adapters to turn the ender 3's stock extruder into a direct drive. I decided to go for this one because it fit my criteria:. Once printed, you need to insert the two printer's sleeves into the print holes.

They are very tough to fit, I eventually melted them in with my soldering iron. Finally, don't forget to print the endstop to stop the stock motor from slamming into the frame! The next thing to do is install the dual blower part. I printed the BLTouch remixbut if you don't have one, you can print the part without the bltouch mount. Warning: unfortunately this part won't fit in perfectly with the direct drive adapter installed.

You will need to remove some plastic, or print my remix. There are two screws, but don't screw them in completely just yet, as we will need to check height after installing the hotend and nozzle. You need to cut a bowden tube to just the right length, so it can fit between the extruder and the hotend. This is a lengthy process that should be done carefully as ensuring a fit tube will avoid clogging problems.

Don't hesitate to cut the tube longer that necessary and then adjust. For the hotend cooling fan I printed this cooling duct. It's a snap-on, easy to install. You're supposed to be able to slid it in, but I couldn't manage to do it with the hotend already screwd in.

So I snapped the hotend in the part first, then screwed the whole thing in, then added the fan. Once the hotend is installed, check if the leveling of the fan ducts leaves enough clearance for the print - so they don't scratch against the surface.

Then, screw in the assembly completely - but not too tight, or the plastic will crack. Looks very promising! I plan on trying your remix. What size blower fans did you use for this mod? Reply 2 months ago. I used standard blower fans Eventually I went back to the bowden tube, because I started to print mostly parts at very high speeds, and this was giving me artifacts because of the increased weight.If you keep practising in this way, then you'll eventually find yourself passively improving at monitoring both elements of the game.

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ender 3 bmg direct drive thingiverse

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ender 3 bmg direct drive thingiverse

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