Usher x 718 review

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Usher x 718 review

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Usher X-718 bookshelf speakers and Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver

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Usher X-718 Bookshelf Speakers

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Usher Be-718 aka The Tiny Dancer Bookshelf Speakers

Card readers. Memory Cards. Network Other.Usher Audio Technology Be Loudspeakers. Best Product Debut. Remove it for serious listening. When I received those speakers, I knew very little about the company -- that it was based in Taiwan and Dr. I had no idea where the speakers fell in Usher's broad product line. However, upon listening to the Vs, I quickly realized that I should brush up on my knowledge a bit, because Usher Audio seemed like a force to be reckoned with.

I found that speaker to be well built and exceptionally good-sounding, especially when you consider its asking price. In fact, the V is something of a steal. Therefore, when Usher asked me to follow up that review with an evaluation of one of the company's more upscale models, I was happy to oblige, if only to hear what the Usher gang could accomplish at a higher price.

Whatever the case, though, the Be seems exceptionally solid, and it's heavy -- close to 40 pounds. The Be's cabinet looks damn good, with its glossy painted center portion flanked by beautifully finished wood side panels.

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Porting is accomplished through a slot on the bottom of the front baffle, below the woofer. On the back are big, masculine-looking, high-quality binding posts -- two sets, meaning the Be is built for biwiring. On the front is a removable grille that protects the drivers. Because of its thick frame, the grille is as sonically obtrusive as they come.

Despite the similarities in the X and Be cabinets, the drivers are completely different. It also explains part of the Be's model designation. The tweeter's dome is made from beryllium, "Be" in the periodic table of elements, and beryllium-dome tweeters are all the rage in many high-priced speakers nowadays because of the material's stiffness and light weight.

The Be is one of the least-expensive beryllium-based speakers on the market, but not the least expensive. However, good speakers are about more than just the parts.

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He's a true expert.Search form Search. Show Munich More Reports. Stand Loudspeaker Reviews. When I attended the GuangZhou Hi-Fi Show in China, it seemed as though most of the Asian-built loudspeakers I saw were huge, astonishingly efficient, and had horns.

Joe [D'Appolito] designs the loudspeakers. Tsai Lien-Shui designs the crossovers, which Dr. Joe then voices for the US market.

And, of course, the speakers are manufactured in Taiwan. Immediately, thinking I'd ferreted out an unsung gem, I made another. Bob Reina had already reviewed theman entire year before DecemberVol. Joe has some interesting projects in development. Usher, which teamed up with Oracle and JPS Labs for HE, had one of the best-sounding rooms at the show, and it took me three days to actually get into the room.

Once I did, I didn't want to leave. Little, Big The Be may be the smallest speaker in the Dancer line, giving rise to its nickname, "Tiny Dancer," but tiny isn't perzackly accurate. Each one weighs close to 40 lbs and measures The Be is a good-looking speaker. The baffle rakes back steeply and the front-firing slot is placed at its bottom. The speakers come with protective grilles, which I kept in place to protect them from cats.

But only when I wasn't listening—the grilles' sonic effects are not subtle. On the back, the Be has two pairs of rugged binding posts made specifically for the Dancer line. The crossover, designed by Tsai Lien-Shui and tweaked for American ears by Joe D'Appolito, is specced by Danny Richie of GR Research, who stuffed it with Sonicaps, Mills resistors, and various goodies from Erse: polypropylene capacitors and high-purity, oxygen-free, copper air-core inductors.

Somewhere to elsewhere I mostly listened to the Bes in my smaller 9' by 15' by 7. The Ushers performed valiantly in the larger room, but it wasn't the perfect space for them.

They locked in with the smaller room amazingly well, not only "disappearing," but also delivering a surprisingly robust bottom end.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. One of our most recent additions is the availability of dedicated bookshelf speakers. At Audiogurus, we completely understand that many of our customers have limited space, but still want unlimited sound.

We are proud to offer the sleek new line of Usher Audio bookshelf speakers.

usher x 718 review

These unique speakers, as most audio connoisseurs know, contain unique proprietary diamond technology which makes Usher Audio tweeters some of the toughest on the market. Also, research has shown the lightweight patented diamond technology allows for near perfect sound reproduction, however, it was unattainable by competitors in the past.

Be the first to review this product. Add to Cart. View Options. All Rights Reserved. Audiogurus Store. Find Your Brand You have no items in your shopping cart. Best Home Theater Speakers read more.

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How to Shop for Electronics and Speakers read more. Glossary of Home Theater Terms and Terminology read more. Login or create an account to earn Audiogurus Points Points for sharing!

Earn Audiogurus Points Points for sharing! Usher Audio One of our most recent additions is the availability of dedicated bookshelf speakers. Show 5 10 15 20 Compare Products. Shop By. Shopping Options Price. Customer Service Why Choose Audiogurus? Sign Up for Discounts. Sign in Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password.Search form Search.

Show Munich More Reports. Stand Loudspeaker Reviews. Robert J. I love attending Stereophile 's Home Entertainment shows. I get to check out the latest gear, hobnob with manufacturers and writer colleagues, hear some live music, and play a little jazz with John Atkinson, Zan Stewart, and Immedia's Allen Perkins.

Unfortunately, work commitments at my day job meant I couldn't attend HE, in San Francisco, so I directed my team of Stereophile scouts to find me some hot new budget speakers. Robert Deutsch was quickest to respond, the week following the show: "Bob, you've got to check out these new speakers from Usher Audio in Taiwan!

They have a number of models within your budget. Although Usher Audio Technology may not be a household name in the US, the company has been designing and manufacturing speakers and electronics in Taiwan for more than 30 years.

The Compass X was jointly designed by Dr. Joseph D'Appolito of the eponymous midrange-tweeter-midrange driver array, now chief engineer at Snell Acoustics and Usher's Tsai Lien-Shui, and is manufactured in Usher's factory in Taipei.

Both the X's drive-units are sourced from Taiwan. The 1" tweeter uses a silk diaphragm, with a moderate-viscosity magnetic fluid used in the voice-coil gap to dissipate heat and improve mechanical linearity.

Usher claims that the tweeter is capable of reaching much lower in frequency than typical tweeters. The crossover is a fourth-order acoustic design. The cast-aluminum-framed 7" woofer uses a paper cone filled with carbon fiber to increase stiffness and to damp resonances. Reflex loading is provided by a 2"-diameter port on the cabinet rear. The woofer motor has a T -shaped pole-piece with a copper sleeve and shorting ring, and provides for a peak-peak "throw" of 12mm. The biwirable X's substantial cabinet has thick walls of MDF and interlocking internal braces.

Actually, "substantial" is an understatement. At 37 lbs each, the not unusually large X is by far the heaviest bookshelf speaker I've ever reviewed—and by far the most attractive. The cabinets have rounded edges, and my review samples were finished in an attractive black-gloss, automotive-like lacquer, with elegantly finished side panels of dark, real wood.

usher x 718 review

After seeing a photo of Usher's RSW stand, however, I regretted my decision—when coupled with the X, the stand's combination of wood uprights and stone base makes a striking visual statement. Ushering in a new sound I tested the Xs with their grilles on and off.The best way to spice up a dull, dark, soundless day.

In fact, hearing a pair of the Bes in action made me want to review them. Yes, I was told, and the clouds blew away. Usher is planning a complementary center-channel speaker and subwoofer for the second half ofbut I chose not to wait for them. The Be times five suited me fine.

Welcome to Audiogurus!

Please note that, at press time, the company had yet to work out a serial-numbering system that would enable the ordering of odd-numbered five- or seven-channel sets. My review sample was actually a set of six, one of which went unused. Usher Audio has been designing and making speakers in Taiwan for more than 30 years. Danny re-engineers the entire crossover, selects premium U. Finally, all internal wiring is replaced with premium wire from JPS Labs.

It is a stand-mount speaker, although the other four Dancers are floorstanders. One of the rare speakers to have a nickname as well as a model number, the Be is also known as the Tiny Dancer—do I detect a whiff of Elton John nostalgia? Usher offers four more floorstanding speakers in the 6 Series. The V Series mixes it up with two towers, a monitor, and a center. Three monitors dominate the X Series, but there are also floorstanding and center speakers, one each.

The most compact option would be the Usher Series, featuring two centers, a satellite, and a subwoofer. The black-lacquer front baffle curves continuously along the top and down the back. Both drivers have a slight upward tilt, potentially avoiding an acoustically undesirable perpendicular hit on the back wall. Hardwood side panels may include the same piano-black finish or the warm birch that enlivened my review samples. The Be speaker weighs around 38 pounds. It provides pure and potent high-frequency response out to 30 kilohertz.

Usher notes that other manufacturers run their beryllium tweeters out to 40 kHz, with resultant breakup: hence the kHz limit, which is still well beyond the range of human hearing. Search form Search. Bookshelf Speaker Reviews. Log in or register to post comments. Related Latest Reviews News. Totem Acoustic Sky Loudspeaker Review.

usher x 718 review

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Audioengine HD3 Loudspeaker Review. Terminator: Dark Fate. Can Movie Theaters Survive the Shutdown? Zombieland: Double Tap. Ford v Ferrari. David Crosby: Remember My Name.Malaysia's most popular hi-fi and home theater forum and marketplace, where enthusiasts can also find New or Used equipment deals!

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Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. Subscribe to our Feed. Comes together with original and custom made heavy stand with very steady marble plinth to make the speakers look more elegant and maintain stability for better performance.

Adjustable height stands and still like very new. X The X Series personifies Usher's commitment to outstanding value no compromise performance at real-world prices. The X 2-way monitors deliver surprisingly high-impact sound with its 1.

usher x 718 review

A new 7-inch paper-cone midbass driver powers a tight, controlled bass response. They deliver the X Series signature crisp, transparent and engaging sound, as accomplished in two channels as they are in multichannel systems.

The beautifully crafted and lustrously finished cabinets are 1. They feature Dr. Well-kept secret Although a relatively new quantity in global hi-fi circles, Usher Audio Technology is not a newcomer. They began 35 years ago as a repair facility for imported high-end audio gear, a year later began researching and designing amplifiers and speakers, and by had introduced preamplifiers as well as class-A power amplifiers. That year, to expose their products to the international market, they showed them for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.

Real good working condition and still like new. Price: Sold for both speakers and stands. Current market price for just speakers are around RM4. Free delivery can be arranged. Please sms or whatsapp for further details or more photos. JOHN Bump with negotiable price. Latest topics.


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